High pressure cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing may not really good for your home or rooftop, but yes, it is the best and great cleaning system for the tough installation, such as, concrete and sidewalks. Noticed black or dirty driveway? We use high pressure surface cleaners to clean deep down into the concrete and sidewalks to remove dirt, mold, and mildew! We will post treat your driveway with our special concrete cleaner to loosen up the dirt or mildew! Once we treat the concrete, we will go over it with a high pressure surface cleaner to reach deep down to make the concrete look like new again! Isn’t so cool?!

Jax Exterior Pavers & More! company provides Pressure Wash service only in Jacksonville, FL Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Orange Park, FL Yulee, FL Ameila Island, FL And Fernandina Beach, Florida and fruit cove Florida!

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