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House Washing

Does your house have mold, mildew or algae growing on it? Jax Exterior Pavers & More! is the house washing experts! Do you have a vinyl, brick or stucco house that has green algae or black mold growing on it? You never want to pressure wash vinyl houses! Just like roofs you want to soft wash them with special chemicals that kill algae and mold! Brick houses can be pressure washed, but you still don't want to use to high of pressure that can damage the brick. So we use our soft wash system for all house washes! Unless it needs pressure "rare in most cases" we won't use high pressure for cleaning your home. Just like vinyl we clean stucco houses with our soft wash machine so it doesn't damage your home or chip away pieces of stucco in your yard. When it comes to house washing, you can trust the experts at Jax Exterior Pavers & More! to clean your home!

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